Su Ogni Stesa Pietra | On Every Laid Stone

Spalle al muro,
spalle alla porta, chiusa.
Ora il mio tattoo parla dell'oggi
ma è solo storia di vento e sabbia.
Vivo e muoio 
in fenicio tremito, icona.

Back against the wall
back against the door, closed.
My tattoo now speaks of today
but it's only a story about wind and sand.
I live and die
in Phoenician tremor, an icon.

Un infinito rosso
è il mio dio.
Solo un punto
tra confini di colonne.
Su ogni stesa pietra,
un selciato di lacrime e di gioia.

An endless red
is my god.
Just one point, between limits of columns.
On every laid stone,
the cobbles of tears and joy.

Su Ogni Stesa Pietra - On Every Laid Stone has been printed by F.lli Manfredi Studio, July 2017. 
Edition of 15 copies, each numbered and signed; 3 copies hc. 
Arllys Edition, Gibraltar, and Mavida Edizioni, 
Reggio Emilia.

A collaboration between Stefano Vincieri and Federico Busonero, the portfolio contains fifteen poems and fifteen archival pigment prints. 
The texts of the poems and the preface by the poet and the photographer are hand-set in Garamond by Nicola Manfredi, in Reggio Emilia.
The fifteen photographs have been selected by the poet from the series The Land That Remains.
Translation: Daniela Sandid 

Signed copies are available upon request.